Monday, November 12, 2012

Dark Angels Tac Squad

These were completed a little bit ago, but I figured I'd toss up a few pics of the painting progression.

The figs were a pretty solid value. I have to say that I wasn't a huge fan of the duplication, but I can totally see GW's perspective. The boxed set is a stupidly solid deal. By adding duplication, it pushes people away from the 'Same-y' figs all over and makes things much more diverse.

The beaky marines were a bit of disappointment but only because of the faces. With a bit of a creative paint job however, all be good.

On to the pics.

Here are the Tac Squad Members all base coloured up for washing.

Here's a blurry shot of the washed figs.

I'll always do up a test fig after the wash.  Here's the Sergeant Finished.
 I really like the way the colour scheme turned out.

Back view of the Sergeant

Finally the finished squad.  Got to spend a cold night at Imaginary Wars to finish these guys off.
I like the contrast and the definition of colour.

As always, thanks for tuning in.

More to come.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A deeper, darker, vengeance.

Just thought I'd fire up a quick update as to what I've been up to over the last little bit.

At the moment, I'm working on a few ideas for playable armies but the release of the new Codex Chaos Space Marines book has got me all a tizzy.

The project that is grabbing the most attention at the moment is the completion of the Dark Vengeance Set.  GW has a bit of a promotion going on where if you are the first person to complete a painted set, you'll get a prize.  Truth is, I'm just looking for an interesting challenge while painting soooo...  Here's the progress so far.

Here are the Dark Angels Assembled and ready to go.  I tend to weigh down the bases with nickels which wasn't possible with the slottas so I had to dig up a bunch of non slotta bases to make it work.  Assembly was crazy easy.

SE Chaplain from the Dark Vengeance box... super cool fig.
The boys are primed white (the Deathwing Terminators are done in Army Painter's Desert Yellow colour)

The always necessary pre-wash shot.
Just a quick look at the difference between unwashed and washed.
Whole Squad post wash with the major highlights redone on the left most fig (I always tend to push one to completion... call it a thing...)
Deathwing Squad Finished.  All that's left is the basing and matt coat.  I really enjoyed painting these guys!

More to come!